My Story

Hello and welcome to My Millionaire Quest!

Or should I say “OUR” Millionaire Quest.

The reason I’ve created this blog is because I’ve officially checked out of my job as a chef. What does that mean?

It means I am no longer satisfied sacrificing the time I have left on Earth working my ass off in order to keep the lights on. Living paycheck to paycheck is not fun at all and neither is working five days a week.

I’ve missed out on too many family events and special occasions because of work.

When I envision my ideal life, I see myself doing what I want, when I want. I’m a huge Disney fan which is why I moved to Orlando; because my goal is to go to Disney every day without having to worry about my bills being paid. I’m tired of the embarrassment I feel when I go out to eat with my parents and they pick up the tab.

The Plan

There’s so much more to life than trading in 80 hours of your week for two days of freedom. This year, I’ve decided to change that formula.

I’m going to work two days a week and enjoy five days off. I plan on travelling the world and having a 9-5 job doesn’t allow that freedom unless you save up for months and your boss approves your time off.

What kind of life is that?

Not a very fulfilling one if you ask me.

Years from now, I wanna see I made the most out of my life… not that I had a good job with benefits and a 401k.

How am I going to do that you ask?

Well you’re gonna have to stay tuned to find out.

My Millionaire Quest is where I’m going to document my quest to become a millionaire. I will share with you how I’m making money, how I’m saving my money, and how and where I’m investing it.

Will I always get it right?

Probably not… I’m not perfect.

But I will share with you what does work so you don’t waste your time.

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That’s really cool and all… but why Diana?

Simple… I want to help as many people realize that there’s more to life than work and that there’s more than one way to make money.

So feel free to take a look around and join me on My Millionaire Quest!

Who knows… it might be just what you need!

See you at the top,


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